The Top 6 Essential Accessories for the Tello

Tello Drone Top 6 Accessories

Enjoy this list of the The Top 6 Essential Accessories for the Tello.

1Extra batteries

Only one battery comes in the Tello box and it’s not nearly enough to really unleash an air adventure with this quick and stable drone. You need extra batteries to enjoy a fun flying session. Having a total of three Tello batteries are ideal.

Get a 2 Pack of Tello Batteries on Amazon HERE.

2Smatree Tello Charging Station

Smatree Tello Drone Portable Battery Bank

Now that you have multiple batteries, you are going to need a charger than can keep your batts topped off and ready to fly. The Smatree Tello Charging Station Battery Bank holds three batteries and can charge them up to 6 times without wires with it’s built in battery bank.

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3Extra Props

Top Tello Drone Accessories - Props - TelloHQ

Extra props are essential to have on hand since these little spinners can get broken or lost. And without props you can’t fly, so keep a supply of them on hand so you dont get grounded.

Buy a muilt-pack of replacement Tello Props on Amazon HERE.

4Dedicated GameSir controller

Top Tello Drone Accessories - Dedicated Controller - TelloHQ

The Tello works perfect from a smartphone but you can gain much more control and precision and fun from a dedicated controller. If you fly on Android using the TelloFPV app, then we reccomend the GameSir T1s so you can fly with an OTG usb cable and reduce input and video lag. If you fly on iPhone or Android using the stock Tello app then we recommend the GameSir T1d which was exclusively designed for the DJI Ryze Tello Drone.

Buy the GameSir T1s on Amazon HERE.
Buy the GameSir T1d on Amazon HERE.

5XiaoMi Wifi Range Extender

Top Tello Drone Accessories - Wifi extender - TelloHQ

The Tello has a fairly decent range for a toy drone but that can be reduced by interference of surrounding networks and a weak wifi signal can lead to loss of control and poor imaging. You can boost your Tello’s range by adding a simple XiaoMi WiFi boosting antenna.

Get the XiaoMi WiFi Range Extender on Amazon HERE.

6A Durable carry case

Top Tello Drone Accessories - Tello Carry Case - TelloHQ

Now that you have all of your Tello gear you need a way to keep it organized, carry it around and keep it protected.
Our favorite case is this versatile Tello case which has room for everything and you can even do a small mod to gain access to the voids under the molded interior to store even more gear!

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7One last thing!

Top Tello Drone Accessories - Tello Motors - TelloHQ

It’s going to happen sooner or later and it’s the reason many people abandoned their Tello’s to a desk drawer never to be flown again..the dreaded BROKEN MOTOR. But did you know swapping motors on a Tello is a fairly easy project? It takes some basic tools and can be even done by beginners. So it’s a good idea to have spare motors on hand just in case.

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