The Tello Drone Wikis

Tello Drone Wiki - TelloHQ
Tello Drone Wiki - TelloHQ

Introducing the Tello Drone Wikis. The Tello community is huge, It’s even more vast than just forums and Facebook groups. There is more development going on for this “toy” drone than most people realize. So much in fact that there are a few Tello Drone Wiki sites that have popped up packed full of useful information to help both flyers and developers. Such as controller issues and connections, troubleshooting, programming tips and exploration into the realm of Tello Drone programming useing Scratch, Python within the Tello EDU environment. Both Tello Drone Wikis are linked below.

Miraheze Tello Wiki - Tello HQ

Tello Flyers & General Users Wiki

TelloPilots Wiki - Tello HQTello Programmers and Developers Wiki via