TelloFPV – More Control Over Your Tello

TelloFPV - More Control Over Your Tello

TelloFPV - More Control Over Your TelloTello FPV – More Control Over Your Tello! An alternative app to control the Ryze Tello Quadcopter Drone offering many additional features, better control, better video live-stream and better video footage.

Try the FREE Demo version to test compatibility with your phone / controller / Tello.

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Feature List:

  • FPV Trainer mode: Teach kids FPV without risking your drone (at least one controller required)
  • Support for VR goggles FPV with adjustable view (no support for special VR launcher like GearVR)
  • Return to home autopilot
  • Head tracking
  • GPS + VGPS functionality (experimental)
  • Circle / orbit autopilot for large scale orbits
  • Lock heading autopilot for cool video footage
  • Pano 360 shots photos for a 360° panorama (external stitching required)
  • automatic photo rotation to level tilted horizon
  • Enhanced telemetry (distance, altitude, pitch & roll indicators)
  • Home indicator showing you the way back
  • Flight log
  • Advanced video options
  • Two flight profiles: Sport Mode for fast runs – Video Mode for smooth video recording
  • Wired and wireless gamepad controllers
  • Gamesir T1s and Parrot Flypad
  • Flexible stick & button mapping
  • Fine tuning each axis (expo, rate and deadzone)
  • Translations for ES, DE, IT, FR, PT
A complete PDF manual (english only) is included in the App, requires a PDF viewer installed. The PDF manual is also available in the documents section in
The Official TelloFPV Facebook Group


Legend for Screenshot

1- Menu
2- Return to home Autopilot
3- Circle POI Autopilot
4- Lock POI Autopilot
5- Throw takeoff / hand land
6- Show flight modes (Circle“, 360“ and Up & Away)
7- PANIC button
8- Camera settings
9- Toggle between photo and video
10- Start/Stop recording or take photo
11- Direction to Home
12- Recording time / Photo download
13- Joystick buttons
14- Bird – Indicating pitch & roll in relation neutral
15- Notifications
16- Speed mode indicator
17- Speed
18- Distance
19- Altitude
20- Takeoff / Landing
21- Wifi strength
22- Tello battery
23- Phone battery
24- Controller battery
25- Controller indicator Master / Student

Required App privileges
* Storage – saving photos and videos
* Location – scanning for bluetooth controllers

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