Smatree Tello Drone Portable Battery Bank [review]

Smatree Tello Drone Portable Battery Bank

Smatree Tello Drone Portable Battery Bank [review]

It’s been a couple of months and dozens of flawless charges later and I am still incredibly happy with this device!

–Original Review–
The build quality of the Smatree is superb. Nice design and dimensions and it came packed well. Amazon Prime got it to me in two days as expected.
It came with the device itself and 1 charging cable and an instruction manual with decent additional info regarding specs, operation and charge times.

I already have the original white charger that was being sold in the early days of Tello.
ie: The one with the 4 ports and it does well, but the white one only came in white and the power cord was way too big. I wanted something a little better built and more compact for traveling with the Tello.

Smatree Tello Portable Battery Bank Charger
DogBear Displays the Smatree Tello Charger

When I bought this I thought I could charge 6 batteries at once…I wasn’t paying attention to the listing.
But now I realize that this has a BUILT IN 7200mah BATTERY BANK that that equals SIX charges!

This means you can charge 3 Tello batteries 2 times each or charge your phone, or your controller, or your wifi repeater.

I tested it on my 3 Tello batteries and it took about 40 minutes to charge all 3 of them. I don’t think they were all completely drained but I know two of them were very low. I also charged my Fitbit up while charging the Tello batteries.

I guess you could charge 4 Tello batteries at once by using the built in battery and connect the Tello directly via the usb to charge a 4th one directly in the drone, But I haven’t tried as yet.

When I recharged the battery bank, the unit light lit up and blinked indicating it was charging.

– The overall build quality is superior to the white chargers.
– No giant power cable like the white charger.
– The BEST feature about this device is the ability to be able to use it as a battery bank.

– You can have your Tello batteries loaded and charging and also charge a device or probably even power your wifi repeater if you use one.

– One less thing to carry in my Tello bag.
– No need to carry an extra battery bank, and no loose things jumbling around in my existing case.
– Amazon had it to me in 2 days as expected

– 5v 2a charge input and output.
– regular usb ouput and micro usb input
– The actual size is 35mm x 72mm x 104mm / 1.4″ x 2.8″ x 4.1″
– The weight without batteries is 235 grams. (the white charger is 130 grams with the big cable)
– Battery charge output is 5v/800mah
– on/off button

This is the same thickness as the white charger.
You gain the addition of an internal battery bank without sacrificing much space.

It is just slightly larger than the other chargers but it is more compact, here is why:
The batteries are recessed into the housing, so you can leave them in there when tossing in your bag (the device will auto shutoff once batteries are charged)….the other chargers all stand in vertically and loosely so you must remove the batteries and store them in a separate pocket or a slot in your Tello case. The Smatree charger lets you snap the batteries in place and then you have a little self-contained box of energy to use as you please.

None that I can think of
– Yes I know my Tello is beat up.
– Yes I know my battery is dented, it’s just the plastic housing and not the battery itself.

This product is #DogBear APPROVED!

Get it direct from Amazon HERE

or buy from the TelloHQ Store HERE

Smatree Tello Battery Bank Charger




Charge speed




Ease of use





  • Super portable power on tap
  • Capable of Multiple Charges
  • Built in Battery Bank
  • Fast input / output
  • The most portable charger


  • None