Rugged Hardshell Tello Slim Carry Case by Masiken [review]


This Rugged Hardshell Tello Slim Carry Case by Masiken is a very similar design offered by several companies, what makes this one a little different are two things.
1. The exterior finish with a reinforced reinforced lid.
2. The extra pocket inside the lid which allows you to carry a small tablet or a phone.

This Tello case is a good match to the Rugged Large Case we have reviewed in the past, (link to review) it has the same style and the same exterior finish, so if you want to have a large case that carries everything and then a smaller matching case to use as a custom rollout for quick adventures then this would be a perfect match to the large case which can be found HERE.

The shell is hard and comprised of the usual molded EVA foam core, the interior is custom molded to fit the Tello Drone and some accessories as well as up to 4 batteries.

You can perform the “case mod” to this case to gain access to the voids beneath the interior tray which will give you some more space for cables and extra parts. I would recommend that you do this mod as this case has limited storage without it. It’s designed for just the core essentials but you can squeeze a little more out of it with just a quick mod.

I like it because it matches our larger rugged case and the price makes it super affordable and one of the least expensive cases we have reviewed.

Slim Rugged Hardshell Case by Masiken




Storage Options







  • Slim Size
  • Holds the Essentials
  • Top flap pocket
  • Nice exterior Finish
  • Able to be Modded for extra storage


  • Only Holds the Essentials
  • 3rd party chargers dont fit