The Best Large Tello Carry Case [review]

Rugged Hardshell Large Tello Carry Case
Tello Carry Case Large rugged - Tello HQ

Rugged Hardshell Large Tello Carry Case review by TelloHQ

This is the ULTIMATE Tello storage case!

Do you need to carry every accessory for your Tello with you? Then look no further as this is the case for you. Afforadable, well built and able to be packed with nearly every Tello accessory you can think of.

The case construction is a familiar hard sided molded case, the shell is a hard EVA foam style with a honeycomb print carbon fiber finish lid. The lower portion of the exterior is water resistant nylon weave. The molded interior is lined with anti-scratch material which typical of other Tello cases.  But what makes this one different is the large payload capability.

We fit all of the essentials like the Tello itself with the prop guards, the GameSir controller, extra batteries, the Smatree Charger and more. With a little squeezing you can also fit the Parrot Flypad controller.

This is our favorite case when we want to pack for a full adventure with the Tello. The size is about 75% thicker than the medium sized slim case that everyone loves. That extra size allows you to carry more gear such as a tablets, battery docks, cables, and repair parts.

The double zippers are smooth and the carry hand is heavy duty and collapses flat. The designers of this case did their homework and we are happy that they did because we consider this the most versatile case on the Tello market today.

Although a little larger and thicker than the standard slim cases it is still very compact and portable.

Link to the Small case
Link to the Medium case

In order to unlock the highest level of storage, you will need to cut the molded foam interior to gain access to the voids beneath. It’s a very easy mod and requires a sharp razor and 1 minute of your time. By peforming this mod, you can easily store battery bank chargers or other charging docks and more accessories in the bottom of the case.

The top mesh pocket has a zipper and is large enough for 10″ tablets. We are fitting a Nvidia Shield K1 and a Galaxy S7 Edge in there with room to spare.

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Large Rugged Tello Carry Case




Durability & Protection









  • Large Size to Carry Everything
  • Holds the GameSir Controller
  • Able to be Modded for Extra Storgae
  • Nice Stylish Exterior Finish
  • Very Affordable


  • Zipper Pulls could be larger
  • No Rings for shoulder strap