RC Geeks Tello Charger cable [review]

RC Geeks Tello Charger Cable
RCGeeks Tello Charger Cable

The RC Geeks Tello Charger Cable is a very copact and affordable alternative to charging the battery inside the drone.
I believe it charges faster than charging inside the Tello.

DJI RYZE should have included this small device from the factory and anyone who has more than one battery will really appreciate this charger cable.

I am not a fan of charging the battery while inside the drone for several reasons:
1. The USB port on the Tello will become weak eventually.
2. You can’t charge and fly at the same time.
3. Charging inside the Tello is slower.
4. You cannot plug it in and charge inside your bag when connected directly to the drone.
5. In the very rare event that you have a batttery meltdown while charging, your Tello would be destroyed.

This charger cable is incredibly small and will fit into every slim case that you might be using for the Tello.
The total length is about 14 inches (35 cm).

Includeds a usb port dust cap.

I tested this on a Anker wall charger, Smatree Tello Battery bank charger and a RavPowwer Battery Bank and it worked flawlessly on each.

Ideally you could have two of these in your Tello bag and be able to charge wherever you have a usb port.

RC Geeks Tello Charger Cable is a great space and money saver.
I am increasingly impressed with the level of qaulity from RCGeeks and the amazing portablity that the Tello and these tiny accessories offer.

• Super compact
• Charges Fast
• Red light to indicate charging
• Green light to indicate a full charge
• Battery fits tight and snug
• Works with any wall charger or battery bank
• VERY affordable

• None that I can see

Get it direct from Amazon HERE

or buy from the TelloHQ Store HERE

RCGeeks Tello Charger Cable




Charge speed







  • Compact Size - Low Price
  • Suitable Legnth
  • Good Charge Time
  • Easy to use
  • LED indicators


  • None