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Battery Charging Cable for the Tello by RCGeeks

Cord style rapid charger for single Tello batteries, extemely portable and the smallest external battery charger available for the Tello.

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  • USB Cable line charging connection port for DJI Tello Drone Battery
  • Very simple to use, put the Tello Battery in one end and plug the other end into a usb charger and wait for the green light.
  • Small size, easy to carry and durable design. Quick and convenient way of charging, such as in car, any power bank, computer, any plug with USB charging voltage.
  • Charging Time: using a 1A charger =60 minutes.
  • Charging time: using a 2A charger =30 minutes.
  • Red light when charging
  • Green light when fully charged
  • Input: USB 5V 1-3A
  • Length: 14 in. (35cm)