New Canadian Drone Laws make the Tello an Even Better Choice


With the recent changes to the drones laws in Canada both hobbyist and commercial flyers must pass a lengthy exam and take many safety steps to fly drones even as small as a Spark. But they do not need to pass these exams or take a test for a drone the size of the Tello. So this makes the Tello a perfect choice for many Canadian flyers who want to have a quick flight and not worry about all of the new regulations. The Tello falls under the weight requirement to need a licesnse and registration to be able to fly. It also doesnt have any age restrictions attached to it.

Canadian Drone buyers can also save hundreds when buying direct from DJI

If you know any Canadians, you might hear the occassional complaint about taxes. One of the highest taxed G7 countries, they have a 13% VAT and import duties on goods can be expensive and in some places this even reaches 15%

Add the usually weak Loonie (Canada’s nickname for their dollar) to the mix and it’s tough to be a nation of importers….except when it comes to drones.

One of the little known secrets about DJI products is that Canadians are not subject to taxes or duties when they purchase their drone direct from DJI.

And this applies to everything from the Mavic Pro 2, The OSMO 2, Mavic Air, Tello and most recently the new RoboMaster S1.

All orders from have arrive without tax or duty. And because of the dollar value of the orders (over $99) they all shipped free.

So how does that compare to buying from a big box retailer in Canada like Best Buy?

Right now you can purchase the Tello Boost Combo (basically a Fly More Combo) at for $199 +tax. Canada’s VAT (called the HST) is 13%, which brings the total cost of a Tello Boost Combo to over $225

The same Tello Boost Combo at DJI (priced in US$) is $149. Converting that to Canadian dollars at today’s exchange rate the total comes to approx $196 Canadian.

Buying direct from saves the Canadian buyer over $25 on a Tello Boost Combo.

And the same math applies to every other DJI product simply because there’s no HST with the purchase.