How to use any VR Headset with the Tello

Tello Connected to VR Headset
Tello Connected to VR Headset

The Tello is a very capable drone, it boasts many of the features that larger more expensive drones have, one of them being the FPV (first-person-view) functions.

This allows you to see what the Tello see’s through a Virtual Reality Headset or FPV goggles. Enjoy the experience of immersive flight without breaking the bank.

We have successfully tested the Tello on several styles of headsets and there are two basic methods. With either method you are going to need a dedicated controller (click here for a good selection of controllers to choose from).

The First Method is the most basic and can be done with nearly any style VR headset that you load your phone into. We uses the Galaxy Gear VR type headsets by Occulus because they are well built, very affordable and offer alot of functionality, but you could use any style inexpensive headset.

Method #1 Setup:
1. Power on your Tello and connect to your app of choice and to your controller
2. Depending on your app, select the option to display FPV on your screen
3. Take you smartphone and insert it into the Headset.
4. Go Fly!

The second method is a little more involved, but it allows you to use other types of headsets such as the DJI headsets, Eachine Goggle Two’s or the HeadPlay’s. As long as your headset has an HDMI input port you can utilize method #2.

You will need some extras in order to achieve this.
(all of which can be found in the cables and adapters section of our shop)
1. A dedicated controller
2. A USB to HDMI adapter for your phone or tablet
3. An HDMI cable

Method #2 Setup:
1. Power up your Tello and connect to your app of choice and your controller
2. Plug in the usb-hdmi adapter to your phone
3. Attach an hdmi cable to the adapter
4. Plug hdmi adapter into your headset.
5. Go Fly!

Effectively what you are doing is mirroring whats on your smart device screen onto the display of the headset using the adapter and the hdmi cable.

This works well, although not as portable because you have some wires hanging down, but it gives you the option of using a style of goggles that can be used across many drone platforms. Some smart devices like the Nividia Shield K1 tablet already has a micro-HDMI adapter built in, so you dont need the adapter, just the correct hdmi cable.

Example of method # 2

Tello Connected to VR Headset
Tello Connected to VR Headset