Hermitshell VR Goggle Headset Carry Case – Medium Size [review]

HermitShell Goggle Case Review MEDIUM - Tello HQ
HermitShell Goggle Case Review MEDIUM - Tello HQ

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Headsets are fun and very versatile devices, from watching 360 videos to immersing yourself in 360 VR games or enjoying FPV flight with your Tello. but the one thing that the Gear VR goggles were missing from Samsung is a proper case. They dont even come with a storage bag and even the tiniest bit of dust on the lenses can distract you from that beautiful virtual world you have dove into. Although they are well built and sturdy devices, they still need proper storage to protect them from drops, dirt and the elements. That’s where the line of goggle cases from HermitShell comes in.

All of the HermitShell cases are top notch, they offer a solid product at a very good price, normally you can pick up a case for anything you want to protect from HermitShell for around the $20 dollar range or less. We have outfitted several of our devices with the HermitShell line, we trust it and find them perfect for protecting our gear.

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This Medium sized case from HermitShell is no different. The case quality is great, a hardshell outer frame and a soft inner lining. It offers ample space for your VR Headset, the Samsung controller and a full sized game controller. Double zipper pulls have meaty tabs on them, and the build in handle makes it easy to grab and go. The mesh pocket in the lid is a great place to store some cables or dust cloths. There is an elastic strap built into the case to lock down your gear so your gear doesn’t tumble around when being transported.

We have tested the medium sized case to fit the earlier (white versions) of Galaxy Gear VR Goggles and the more recent larger versions designed for bigger phones like the Note8. Both goggles fit into this case without much effort. Some users have expressed that you must bend and fold the tabs on the edge of the goggles to get them to fit, the new 2019 versions of the Hermitshell goggles cases that we have don’t experience this issue. Although they fit snug, the case is still easy to zip. We don’t believe that the goggles integrity is compromised in any way.
If you are looking for ways to protect your goggles, then we highly recommend the Hermitshell line of cases.

The gallery below shows the HermitShell MEDIUM Goggle Case and also compared to the HermitShell SMALL Goggle Case, as you can see, the goggles fit perfectly. We didnt zip up the case so you can see that you dont have to cram your goggles in there to fit, but they do zip closed perfectly without issue.

Differences in the sizes:

Small Version:
(link to our review of the small version)
The small version will fit just the goggles and the Samsung controller if you have one. The fit is snug and secure and the overall size of the case is very easy to transport inside of a backpack or gear bag.

Medium Version:
The medium version will fit the goggles, the Samsung controller and a full sized game controller. Although the size is 1.5 times larger than the small version it is still very easy to pack into a bag or backpack.

Large Version:
The large version is the biggest in the lineup, it will fit 2 headsets and some other accessories, or 1 headset, the controllers and plenty of room for extra cables, adapters and accessories like gaming headphones. This case is much larger than the medium but still manageable if you have a large backpack or gear bag. If not, no problem, you still have a built in carry handle to tote it around.

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HermitShell Goggle Case MEDIUM








Ease of install





  • Room for Headset & Controllers
  • Offers Good Protection
  • Lined Interior
  • Mesh Pocket
  • Easy to Carry or Pack


  • None