DroneBlocks Tello & Tello EDU Programming

DroneBlocks Tello Drone App
DroneBlocks Tello Drone App

DroneBlocks BETA for Android and iOS with support for Tello. Will be adding support for other DJI aircraft similar to our iOS version for Android devices in the very near future.


DroneBlocks is Now Available on GooglePlay & iTunes

DroneBlocks allows you to program your Original Tello Drone and the Tello EDU versions of Drones in a variety of ways. The Tello Drone although small and often considered a “Toy Drone” is packed with a powerful SDK that an be used to create custom missions and commands. All right from your smart device and even connected laptops.

In addition to the DroneBlocks Official App, DroneBlocks offers Educational courses for learning to program the Tello using Scratch and other programming languages. Courses are available for Beginners and also Advanced Users.

Introduction to Tello Drone Programming
Learn Fundamental Programming Concepts & Watch Tello Fly!Advanced Tello Programming with DroneBlocks
Extend Your Programming Knowledge with Equations and 3D Flight.
Tello Drone Programming with Python – Video Course
Go beyond block programming with Tello using Python

You can access more DroneBlocks Tello Drone programming curriculum at: