Do I need to Register My Tello with the FAA?

Do I need to Register My Tello with the FAA?
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Do I need to Register My Tello with the FAA?

Short Answer:
Generally No. The DJI Tello falls under the drone guidelines set forth by the FAA. Which governs drones by weight. The Tello is under the weight class required for registration by the FAA. The weight guidelines are for drones weighing more than 250 grams. A fully loaded Tello weighs less than 90 grams.

Link to the FAA Website

Long Answer:
It is currently not required by any flight agencies in the world. But as rules and regulations tighten this may change. The Tello is under the weight restrictions for a drone to require registration. This weight ranges from country but is generally 150-250 grams…the Tello weighs just over 80 grams fully loaded.

Will it require registration in the future?
It’s possible but unlikely since the Tello isn’t designed for high altitudes or long range thus it doesnt pose much threat to commerical or private aircraft. Or even have the ability to damage people or property in a crash due to it’s light weight.  So it is unlikley a huge push for “toy” drone registration will be demanded by lawmakers.

Should I register anyways?
You can register if you like, the cost is about $5 and you can find the link here.
Use ONLY the FAA link and not some of the 3rd parties who allow registration through their site but add a service fee. Their services are legit, but you dont need to pay the extra fees when you can do it yourself directly with the FAA.

Larger drones such as the DJI Spark and Mavic Air do require registration. So if you have one of those or are considering a purchase you will need to register your aircraft.

What about countries other than the USA?
This is a tough question as we do not monitor all of the contries around the world. So have strict no drone policies no matter the size and others have a similar permit system as the FAA.

Use this link to view drone rules and regulatoons world wide.
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