Tello Drone Controller Compatibility Chart

DJI Tello Controller Compatibility - Tello HQ
DJI Tello Controller Compatibility - Tello HQ

Tello Drone Controller Compatibility Chart. There have been many advancements that allow the DJI Tello Drone to be flown with several brands of controllers. The Stock Tello App now “officially” supports a few controllers (T1d,Gamevice,Nimbus) but with the addition of 3rd party apps Like TelloFPV or aTelloPilot, the type of controller that can be used expands to almost any game controller that connects via bluetooth and many that can connect via OTG cable Which reduces video and controller lag that users report when flying via bluetooth.

Below is a table to help you understand how each type of controller works with the Tello.
(this Tello Drone Controller Compatibility chart is updated from time to time to provide accurate data, if you see something that needs to be fixed drop us an email and will test and revise ASAP)

Tello Compatible Controller Comparision

details about controllers functions and compatitibility with the DJI RYZE Tello Drone.