DJI Tello 360 Protective Cage by PGY-Tech [review]

DJI Tello 360 Protective cage by PYGtech
DJI Tello 360 Protective cage by PYGtech

The PGY-Tech 360 degree Protective Cage for the DJI Tello.

Initial thoughts:
Why does this exist?

Mainly out of curiosity. I realized I must own this accessory to see if it really works and guess what? IT DOES! And the Tello flys in slow mode quote normally with it installed.

What is it?
It’s a 360 degree wrap around protective cage that clips onto the Tello using the same slots as the original prop guards use.

It’s constructed of a framework of plastic. And weighs just a few grams more than the stock Tello 4 prop guards. The material seems to be similar as the prop guards as well.

Prop guards: 9 gram
360 Cage: 13 grams

I am not exactly sure what application you would need to use this for when flying your Tello. I was able to bump my way around walls, into people, into my Jeep, and hug the ceiling and the Tello kept flying. Although if bumped too hard the Tello will automatically shut down its motors, this is programmed into the Flight Controls. So this cage isnt a perfect solution for tight spaces at high speeds.

Not bad, but not great, although we are amused by this unique Tello accessory.

Maybe you would want to navigate a leafy forest trail or maybe you want to fly through tunnels…I dont know.

I bought from Amazon Prime and it arrived fast and packed nicely. The packaging artwork and inner materials feel very “DJI’ish”.

In the box:
1 – Protective cage
1 – Instruction Manual
2 – PGY-Tech vinyl stickers (bonus!)
1 – White sticker
1 – Black sticker

(20 seconds of your busy life)
No assembly required, Just snap it onto the Tello using the same method you would the prop guards. The cage is all one piece and easy to flex it into place.

Suggestions / Tips:
After clipping onto the Tello, take off indoors and maybe do a center of gravity calibration to account for the extra bulk. Then go fly normally.

Does it still flip?
Nope, It’s a little clumsy and top heavy when trying to flip. The manual says not to use the flip function and indeed the Tello does struggle with it.

Does it impact battery life?
Yes, by a couple of minutes but thats totally expected when adding any payload to the Tello. Even the stock prop guards impact flight times.

Want one?
Of course you do. But you can live without it.

Buy from the TelloHQ shop HERE
Buy direct from Amazon HERE.

PGY Tech Tello Cage








Ease of install



  • Looks kinda unique
  • Easy to install
  • Tello Flys normal


  • Doesn't work well
  • Cannot flip
  • Tello shuts motors down when bumped
  • Breaks easy